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4 Reasons a QuickJack Portable Car Hoist should be in Your Garage

1. QuickJack reduces 80% of your hoisting and lowering time


Here’s how we break this down: once you have a handle on how a car hoist works, you’ll have no problem hoisting your car in just two minutes. It takes another two minutes to lower and stow QuickJack, so that’s about four minutes of your day spent on the most annoying part of car maintenance: hoisting and lowering. Car jacks and jack stands, on the other hand, take the average technician or DIY car enthusiast about 10 minutes to hoist a car and place the stands, then another 10 minutes to lower the car. Of course, car jacks and stands may require additional time if they need to be re-adjusted.

As long as you can wrench a few nuts and bleed a few valves, QuickJack’s one-time installation is easy, and it’s the only real time you’ll spend getting your portable car hoist ready for action. Just be sure to enjoy your extra time.

2. QuickJack is Rated the World’s #1 Portable Car Hoist in Safety

The close relationship QuickJack has with our customers is determined by how well we deliver on our promises. We don’t make false claims about QuickJack. We claim our portable car hoist is fast, and we receive glowing reviews about how much time people save. We claim our car hoist is affordable, and we get comments all the time from people who can’t believe they get QuickJack at a better price than virtually all of our competitors. More important than all of this, however, is our claim that QuickJack is safe.

QuickJack Safety Certificate

Our engineers don’t get enough credit for the effort and ingenuity they put into every single detail; their creative and technical input has led to QuickJack being awarded the CE mark by meeting the standards prescribed by the rigorous 98/37/EC Machinery Directive and the Harmonized Standard for vehicle hoist, EN-1493. A European-based standard, EN-1493 is the only hoist certification worldwide that addresses the functionality of a portable car hoist, so we sought to qualify and we did! To be honest, we probably could have sold QuickJack without this safety rating—after all, we’re the only portable car hoist company, and there are several, who bothered to invest the time and resources into achieving the CE mark to keep you ultra-safe underneath your car. Our commitment to your protection is always first and foremost in our minds.

3. Your Neighbors will Envy You

At the risk of sounding like our own little cheering squad, QuickJack is so crash hot, every petrol head in your neighbourhood will go mad as a cut snake to see what you’re up to. So you best be prepared with an answer to some of the following questions about your portable car hoist:


What on earth are you doing?

What kind of car hoist is that, anyway?

Is that thing SAFE?

Can I use it when you’re done?

How does it stay up like that?

Can I press the button, mate?

Hey mate, can I press the button?

When you’re done, can you give me a call so I can press the button?

Our best advice to you: if you have kids, let them press the button: the billy lids will quickly come to love garage time. Otherwise, we highly recommend you never, ever let anyone press the button. Ever. It never seems to get old for people. You’d think you’d be a rooster one day and a feather duster the next, but as it turns out, you’re all rooster whenever you pull out your QuickJack portable car hoist.

4. The Electric-Hydraulic Motor Hoists Nearly Every Car up to 7,000 lbs.

We got our inspiration for QuickJack from two-post and four-post hydraulic car hoists. Hydraulic cylinders are incredibly versatile in shops and garages because they allow users to hoist heavy objects without the use of large, space-consuming chains and pulleys. QuickJack uses non-toxic automatic transmission fluid to pressurize the hydraulic cylinders and hoist your car 20” into the air. Most other portable car hoists are still using mechanical hoisting mechanisms, cranks or hydraulic pumps. QuickJack has three models with hoist capacities of 3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. / 7,000 lbs. As the world’s only fully electric-hydraulic portable car hoist that rises with the touch of a button, you’d have to be a bit gone to pass us up.