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Frequently Asked Questions


Both frames are included in the price.







12-Volt DC N/A 0.8 N/A 70
110-Volt AC 60 0.55 1 10-15
208-230-Volt AC 50/60 0.55 1 5-8
240 Volt AC 50 0.55 1 4-6

IMPORTANT NOTE: EXTENSION CORDS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Using extensions cords can adversely affect operation and can cause overheating conditions and damage to power unit. If using an extension cord, use the shortest cord possible. Refer to extension cord size chart below.

Cord Length

AWG size/rating

25 feet 14 gauge
50 feet 14 gauge
75 feet 12 gauge
QuickJack SLX Model Enhancements
  • Our new and improved SLX models feature cantilevered rubber block trays for increased rubber block reach. Not only do the extended trays allow for better functionality, they also allow the contact blocks on the trailing side of the lifting frames to be positioned closer to the wheels during set-up.
  • We have added a 7,000-pound capacity model to our lineup. The new BL-7000SLX is the perfect solution for servicing full size vehicles and light trucks.
  • Our BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX models now feature reinforced upper frame rails with box-welded steel reinforcements to minimize deflection.
  • The enhanced SLX models also feature dual-position automatic safety locks that engage automatically as the lift rises. A quick flip of the lock bar disengages the safeties for a smooth hands-free descent.

The QuickJack can be safely used in the temperature range of 40°F (5°C) to 120°F (50°C).

Any general purpose ISO-32, ISO-46, or ISO-68 hydraulic oil.

Approved ATF fluids are Dexron III, Dexron VI, Mercon V, Mercon LV or any Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF.

QuickJack Car Lift Specs


  • Price
  • Lifting Capacity
  • Collapsed Height
  • Lifting Height (frame only)
  • Max Lifting Height
  • Frame Length
  • Max Lifting Point Spread
  • Min Lifting Point Spread
  • Weight
BL-3500 QuickJack Garage Lift


  • AUD$2,490.00
  • 3,500 lbs. / 1588 kg.
  • 3" / 76 mm.
  • 16.5" / 419 mm.
  • 20" / 508 mm.
  • 62" / 1575 mm.
  • 50.5" / 1283 mm.
  • 26.7" / 678 mm.
  • 180 lbs. / 82 kg.
BL-5000SLX Portable Car Lift


  • AUD$2,840.00
  • 5,000 lbs. / 2268 kg.
  • 3" / 76 mm.
  • 17.3" / 439 mm.
  • 21" / 533 mm.
  • 72.5" / 1841 mm.
  • 60" / 1524 mm.
  • 31.5" / 800 mm.
  • 212 lbs. / 96 kg.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The safety lock bar can be engaged in two different positions. Mid-level and max rise.
MODEL A (Inches)
BL-3500SLX 11.625"
BL-5000SLX 11.1"
BL-7000SLX 12.55"

Make sure there is enough clearance at the front and rear of the car.

Yes, you can drive "over" the QuickJack frames (a recommended method), but do NOT drive on top of the frames.

Drive Over the QuickJack Car Lift
Drive in between the QuickJack Car Lift
Do not drive on the Quickjack

The small air cylinders welded to the sides of the main hydraulic cylinders act like air springs. Because the static weight of the lifting frames is minimal, the air cylinders assist lowering the frames after the vehicle's tires touch the floor, or if the lift was ever raised with no load.

An alternative method, but not quite as appealing would be to attach large springs to the jack frames similar to those used on BendPak’s P-6 low-rise lift as shown here; tolerable on the P-6, but probably not the best option for the lightweight QuickJack.

Inflate each air bottle cylinder to 50-PSI. Be sure to pull the connector off quickly to minimize air loss and don’t forget to replace the dust caps as they help to retain air. The cylinders will require periodic recharging.

QuickJack Air Cylinders
If you compare the number of people killed or injured annually using floor jacks or jack stands to other car lifting solutions, it's evident that the QuickJack provides increased safety when installed and operated properly.
Our miniature hydraulic power unit is equipped with an integrated flow divider / combiner valve that equally proportions the hydraulic fluid allowing both QuickJack frames to remain synchronized during operation.
We can make special longer hoses for your QuickJack for $50 (USD). Max increase about eight feet (8') more (oil reservoir size dictates). Please contact us for more details.
In the summer of 2015, we changed to zero-leak flush-face fittings. A video of the testing of these new improved fittings can be seen here.

AC unit (new design) time to full rise: 31 seconds
Standard DC unit time to full rise: 18 seconds
The safety lock bar can be engaged in two different positions. Mid-level and max rise.
Once the lift is raised and firmly positioned onto both safety lock bars, the hoses could then be disconnected and stowed.
Once the lift is raised and firmly positioned onto both safety lock bars, the QuickJack could remain elevated for an indefinite period.

Although we have sold thousands of QuickJack’s, with many being used on asphalt, we have yet to hear of one unit sinking or making deep impressions in the asphalt. (We guess asphalt hardness and weather temp would play a role, however).

If you add up the total surface area of the QuickJack bottom frames (the contact patch), it will typically add up to more than the surface area of four tires. In other words, if your car is not sinking in the asphalt, in all likelihood, your QuickJack shouldn’t either.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery. You’ll see the QuickJack being used on many different floor surfaces.

Now if you’re the extra cautious OCD type, heck yea, shoring your QuickJack with plywood underneath sure wouldn’t hurt and you’d even gain a little extra lifting height to boot – a win, win!

QuickJack on Asphalt
The square footprint of the SUV adapters was intentionally made wide. The inside spacing on the BL-3500SLX block trays is narrower than our larger units that accommodate the SUV adapters. The BL-3500SLX was not designed for trucks and SUV's.
Someone asked us if our portable lift system is stable. See for yourself!

QuickJack Stability

Someone asked us if our portable lift system is stable. See for yourself!

Posted by QuickJack on Thursday, February 4, 2016
We had (and still have) every intention of introducing the motorcycle adapter. But when we introduced this amazing new product last year we had no idea it would be such a hit. We have been doing all we can just to keep up with the demand, so our engineering and production guys have put it on the back burner for now. Hopefully we'll be able to introduce later this year. Check this website for updates.


Most orders will take approximately 7-10 business days for delivery depending on the model and/or quantities ordered. Special or non-stock items may take longer.
Hydraulic fluid is to be supplied by the end-user only and will be required for operation. The QuickJack is designed to operate using standard 10-weight, non-foaming, non-detergent hydraulic oil or Dexron-III ATF fluid - available in virtually any automotive store.
Most residential or commercial concrete foundations are strong enough to support a QuickJack. If using on asphalt or compacted and dry dirt paddock areas use ¾” plywood under each jack frame. A level floor with 2-degrees of slope is suggested for safe use. If a floor is of questionable slope, consider a survey of the site and/or the possibility of pouring a new level concrete slab. In no event shall QuickJack be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages for the misinterpretation of this information.
You can check the status of your order by logging into your QuickJack account or please feel free to call our customer service center at 1-888-262-3880 or email us at: sales@quickjack.com.au.

Sales tax will not be added to orders destined for shipment outside of California. Applicable state sales tax will be added to California orders - even if ordered through an out-of-state dealer. QuickJack is not responsible for individual states' sales tax reporting laws pertaining to online or catalog purchases so we encourage you to check your state's regulations before you shop. If you are a tax-exempt customer, you will be required to send us a signed copy of your tax exemption certificate.

All QuickJack shipments are subject to our standard return policies and associated restocking charges. The customer must retain original cartons and contact our Customer Service Department within 10 days from the date of the invoice before any product is returned to the manufacturer. Special or custom order products of any kind cannot be returned for credit or refund.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check cartons for signs of damage, shortage, or abuse. The customer should open the cartons and check the contents and note any shortages or damages to the freight bill at the time of delivery. It is the customer’s right to refuse any shipment that shows obvious signs of damage or shortage at the time of delivery. If damage is discovered after the delivery driver has left, retain damaged packaging materials and contact our customer service department at 1-888-262-3880 or email us at sales@quickjack.com.au


We pride ourselves on state-of-the-art warehouse technology to guarantee most of the items you need are available for shipment immediately. Items from our stock often ship within 24 hours after your order is received. Read about our Free Shipping policy.

Most orders are provided with FREE SHIPPING and are shipped prepaid to direct shipping points in the continental United States (48-states). An additional fee may apply to residential or rural deliveries. An additional service fee may apply for special handling requests. For orders outside the continental US, please contact our international customer service department for special rates. Shipping and handling rates are subject to change without notice. Read about our Free Shipping policy.

"Accessory only" or "service parts orders" shipments are generally not eligible for free freight. Orders for accessories or service parts are subject to a per piece freight charge based on package weight and destination zone.

We will designate shipping carriers based on region and/or best service defined by our shipping department. In the event a preferred carrier is requested, you may be responsible for paying any additional freight charges at the time of order.

Click here for our free-shipping policy in full detail.

> FedEx/UPS - 2 working days after ship date.
> Truck Freight - 2 working days after ship date.
No, truck freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. It is the buyer's responsibility to unload the freight at their location. QuickJack will take no responsibility for additional charges of any kind that may incur related to, or involved with, the renting or acquisition of equipment of any kind necessary to unload items off of a delivering carrier's truck. An additional service fee will apply to all residential deliveries of heavy-equipment. An additional service fee will also apply to any lift-gate service. Shipping and handling rates are subject to change without notice.

You would need a delivery appointment if you require that the freight carrier contact you at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a time to deliver your freight shipment. An appointment charge will be assessed for this service. Read about our Delivery and Shipping Details.

Residential delivery is a term and fee used by freight carriers to describe delivery to any address which is not zoned commercial. Usually this is a home, but it could be a church, farm, community center, etc. Businesses run from a home are still considered residential. Additional charges will be incurred for such deliveries. Read about our Delivery and Shipping Details.
Be sure to inspect your shipment thoroughly when it arrives. Always inspect all items for damage, and verify the number of items you are receiving matches what appears on the freight bill/delivery receipt. The driver may be impatient but be thorough. Unlike UPS or FedEx, if you sign your freight bill free of any claims then you have little recourse if you later discover that it is damaged.
You have two options. You can note the damage on the freight bill and accept the item anyway, or you can refuse the shipment. About 99% of freight damage is cosmetic. If you sign the freight bill damaged then the freight carrier will approve reimbursement for parts and repair or replacement cost of the item, or provide compensations depending on the damage to your item. This is often the best option if you need to get your item operational and the damage is cosmetic. If you refuse the shipment it will be returned to us and we will ship a replacement as soon as possible. This may take some time due to stocking issues and transit times. If you accept your shipment in a damaged state it is very important that you call the freight carrier immediately to schedule an inspection and file the freight claim. You should take good pictures from different angles of the item and the packaging, and you should save all packaging material. DO NOT refuse your shipment if you observe minor cosmetic scratches or abrasions. You may be responsible for round-trip freight charges if your claim for damage is denied.


Product information and specifications are available on this website. Additional information is also available by contacting our customer service department at:

1300 993 560 or email us at sales@quickjack.com.au.

Our commitment to you does not end once you have received your order. Our dedicated team of professionals can assist you in placing your order, tracking your shipment, assist in delivery and installation, fulfilling warranty requirements, and much more. If you run into problems, we have the solutions to ensure your satisfaction. Just call us at:

1300 993 560 or email us at sales@quickjack.com.au.

QuickJack is committed to your privacy. We don't share any customer information with third parties. All information gathered by QuickJack about its users is used solely to create a better shopping experience for our customers. For full details visit click here.

QuickJack has the best warranty in the business. Learn more here.

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