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Car Hoist or Jack Stands: How Does QuickJack Save Time?

QuickJack Car Hoist Controls

There are some things in life that are worth taking a little extra time to get right. Call it a hunch that hoisting your car with a car jack and individual stands is not something you want to spend more time on than necessary. To this end, today’s expert DIY’ers have a choice between car hoists or jack stands. The way it usually goes, servicing a car in your own garage is a deceptively dangerous activity. Many cautious car owners will spend 30 minutes to an hour setting the car jack under the hoist points and perfectly getting the stands in place. This is the old way, and there are people who have done car maintenance repairs the old way for so long, and are so set in their ways, they actively argue against purchasing a portable car hoist as a safer, more convenient alternative. The truth is simple: QuickJack saves time.

If you really want to use old-fashioned car jacks and jack stands, we can’t stop you, but take a look at this page on how-to set up jack stands and reflect on what it means in terms of your time (and safety). The process of setting up car jacks and stands should give even the most experienced DIY’er pause. Not only is the process time consuming, if the car feels at all moveable or wobbly after the stands are set up, the entire process has to be repeated. All this is sucking hours out of your life before you even get to your repairs. Once the setup is complete, common “DIY safeguards” include setting tires underneath the car for extra safety support. Sounds to us like a prelude to a dog’s breakfast. But if that’s your thing, by all means...

Car Jack Stands

However, QuickJack would like to offer a new type of car hoist and a better way. The QuickJack portable car hoist is the all-in-one solution to your time-consuming home repair woes. After the one-time installation, QuickJack can be removed from storage, slid under your car and raised to have your vehicle hoisted in just minutes. QuickJack is a modern car jack that is made to do the work of both the traditional car jack and stand. So how else does QuickJack save time? Let’s look at how our car hoist works, starting from the moment your car hoist is positioned correctly under your hoist points. (Don’t forget to add the stackable rubber blocks to extend your hoist!)

The first and only thing you need to do to raise your car is press the Up button on the pendant remote control; therefore, QuickJack saves times by removing all the setting up and testing of your floor jacks. Plus, QuickJack’s electric-hydraulic power unit (you choose AC or DC) ensures an even rise from two portable car hoist frames, so you never have to worry about one half of your car hoisting higher or faster than the other. At the mid-rise level, QuickJack’s automatic lock bars will engage the bottom of the frame and lock the entire system in place. This mid-level position is great for detailing your car and performing wheel service, tire rotations, etc.

Press Up again and QuickJack ascends just as easily to a max rise of about 20". Again, the auto-locking bars engage, making QuickJack the world’s first and only all-purpose electric-hydraulic car hoist—NO JACK STANDS necessary. QuickJack saves time on the descent as well: just gently kick the lock bar to the side, like you would a bike stand, and press Down to lower your car hoist quickly and evenly to the floor. All that’s left is to disconnect the hydraulic hoses from the frames, and QuickJack is ready to be rolled away into storage.

QuickJack Portable Car Hoist

The only increase in time that you can blame on QuickJack is the extra time spent telling your mates they can’t keep borrowing your car hoist. Of course, if you’re the generous type, you’ll take the time working out a borrowing schedule. Better yet, tell them to get on our website and buy one for themselves, or at least return your collector’s copy of Wake in Fright before borrowing anything else.